About Us

About Sweetpea Finery

Sweetpea Finery was launched in 2014, with the aim of creating an online boutique to curate a selection of affordable headpieces without the price tag.

Founded and run part-time by Catherine Carmady, Sweetpea Finery has become a valuable one-stop shop for busy women, looking for fresh ideas to pull together their race day ensembles. 

As Catherine's skills have evolved, the product range at Sweetpea Finery has continued to grow, with greater variety and techniques available to her customers. 


About Catherine 

Catherine has been learning and practicing millinery since 2012.

A mother to two active boys, and a third baby arriving in June 2016, Sweetpea Finery has become a creative outlet for her to also apply her business skills. 

Her unique designs are enjoyed by a loyal following, as she continues to learn the millinery trade and expand upon her repertoire. Attending the International Millinery forums, and training with some of the world's leading milliner's inspires her creativity.  

As well as designing and curating the product range, Catherine also manages the website, photography, stock mangement, marketing, bookeeping, and the many other aspects of running a blossoming online business. 

Catherine's talent in creating unique bespoke pieces for her clients have won accolades and awards, with the ultimate pleasure coming from customer satisfaction. 


Sweetpea's Heart For Children

Every single person deserves to know they are valued. This is why Catherine feels so strongly about giving back.

Each year Catherine donates up to 10% from every sale to the beautiful charities listed below. When you purchase from Sweetpea Finery, you are directly making a difference in someone's life. Soon you also have the opportunity to make an additional donation when checking out.

Thank you for supporting us and for supporting what we stand for.


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Sponsor a child. For just $48 per month, you can give them a brighter future so they, and eventually their own children, can live free from poverty. Sponsored children are more likely to grow up to be employed and be leaders in their communities and churches.

We believe everyone deserves hope, including the isolated.

So MAF fly over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts to bring medical care, emergency relief, long-term development and the good news of Jesus. 

Donate to their vital work at