Fascinator Options

Fitting Options 


Hate headbands? Find hair combs too difficult?

Most of the designs on the Sweetpea Finery site can be customised to suit your personal preferances.

You can choose from: 

- Clear plastic hair comb

- Clear plastic hair comb plus elastic (on larger stylers)

- 1mm thin metal headband

- 6mm satin covered  headband (available in a wide range of colours)

- Elastic (blonde, brunette, white, black)

You can buy the headpiece 'as is' or, you can request a change by clicking on the "Design Requests" options on the product page underneath the price.

If a change is requested, the price will automatically be updated. 

Or, please drop me a line to request any changes you would like.

The usual fee to make these changes is $5.00.


Fascinator Bases 

Here are some of the most common fascinator bases that Sweetpea Finery uses to make their original designs, and bespoke fascinators. 

 base-102-of-14-.jpg  Buntal Button Fascinator base    base-30-of-35-.jpg
Sinamay Button Buntal Button Sinamay Hostess Buntal Hostess
   Buntal Fascinator Base    
Sinamay Cocktail Buntal Cocktail  Sinamay Saucer (S/M) Sinamay Saucer (L)
       Buntal Fascinator Base
Sinamay Teardrop Sinamay Circle Pillbox  Buntal Saucer Small


Special Trims & Finishes

leanne-june-87-of-96-.jpg  january-88-of-106-.jpg  Silk Abaca Fascinator Sweetpea Finery  january-77-of-106-.jpg
3D Lace Motifs  Lace Detailing Silk Abaca  Coque Feathers
 Lace Covered Fascinator Base     victoria-4-of-7-.jpg    Vintage Veiling Example
Lace Cover  Lace Detailing Birdcage Veiling  Vintage Veiling
amber-30-of-34-.jpg kara-35-of-50-.jpg  aug-25-of-63-.jpg  colette-5-of-9-.jpg
Feather Flowers  Feather Flowers Lady Amhurst Feathers  Cobweb Feathers
  iphone-10-of-25-.jpg aug-45-of-63-.jpg  
Curled Quills Leather Flower Metallic Leather Flower