Lace Colours

This lace is used in a number of the made to match, and bespoke designs. Here are photographs of the lace to show you the different colours you can choose from.

We've tried to present the colours here as accurately as possible, however please consider them as a guide only to help you select the colour that most suits your needs.

As a handmade and hand dyed product, colours may be sometimes change slightly within a roll of material.

Be aware that differences between computer screen settings can alter how images and colours may appear. 


lace-1-of-12-.jpg lace-2-of-12-.jpg lace-3-of-12-.jpg
Pale Pink  Black  Red
 lace-4-of-12-.jpg  lace-5-of-12-.jpg  lace-6-of-12-.jpg
 Royal Blue  Ivory  Yellow
 lace-7-of-12-.jpg  lace-9-of-12-.jpg  lace-10-of-12-.jpg
 Nude Pink  Coral Pink  Turquoise
 lace-11-of-12-.jpg  lace-12-of-12-.jpg  lace-8-of-12-.jpg
   Fuscia Pink  Silver Grey